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The downside to seafood

The downside to seafood

Fish might be healthier than meat, but that doesn’t mean it’s more sustainable.  Drift gillnets, trawling, and other indiscriminate fishing methods are reducing our fishery populations at an alarming rate.  Plus there are all the whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles, and birds that die from getting accidentally caught.

This article has a link at the end to guidelines for choosing safe seafood.  I’m giving it a look, since I’m pretty curious about it.  After all, I don’t have the time or the fishing skills to go to Lake Erie and catch my dinner myself. 😉

Tasty Tofu

Tasty Tofu

Tonight I cooked tofu for the first time, and I lucked out in choosing a very good recipe.  This stir-fry was quick and easy.  I generally prefer mild dishes, so I left out the red pepper flakes and the flavor was perfect.  The sauce was nice and tangy.

A question: does anybody have any good recipes for fried tofu that don’t require a deep fryer?  I remember trying fried tofu balls with marinara sauce in my college cafeteria, and they were delicious, almost like cheese balls.  I’d like to try making them myself, but only if I can pan-fry or oven-fry them.

My Lent Experiment

Before this year, I never thought of becoming a vegetarian.

I made plenty of excuses.  I love the way meat tastes.  I hated the idea of eating tofu all the time.  Why should humans become vegetarians?  After all, we’ve been omnivores since Homo sapiens first evolved in Africa.

That was before I learned just how much environmental damage a society’s high consumption of meat causes.  The habitat destruction underway all over the world to create new pasturage for cattle.  The methane produced by cattle and other ruminants contributing to climate change.  Not to mention the filthy, unsavory conditions under which most of these animals are raised.

So finally, I decided to reduce my own meat consumption.  In fact, I decided to try going entirely without meat.  And what better time to try an experiment of this nature than at Lent, a time when Christians often give up certain foods or drinks as an act of penance?

So far it’s been two weeks.  While I wouldn’t say that going on a meatless diet has made me feel miraculously healthier and more physically fit (as some more over-enthusiastic vegetarians might claim), it hasn’t been a hardship either.  I’ve found some good vegetarian recipes, and they’ve been plenty filling.  Since I’m not a vegan, I’ve still been able to enjoy eggs and cheese.  True, I still get tempted sometimes, such as when I smell bacon, but overall, the vegetarian dinners I’ve been putting together have been so good that I haven’t missed eating meat as much as I expected.

I’ve still got 26 days of the experiment to go, but the results so far are giving me hope.  Now I know that I can be strong enough to change my lifestyle.  Now I know that I really can do something in my personal life to make a difference about the environment.  Now I know that I won’t be clueless about what to do if continued climate change and habitat destruction make meat a luxury in the future.

And I just might become a vegetarian after all.  Time will tell.

Fight for GMO Labeling!

Fight for GMO Labeling!

The Grocery Manufacturers’ Association (GMA) is at it again in their fight against GMO labeling.  Now they’ve written a bill that, if passed by Congress, will prevent state-level GMO labeling.

This is outrageous.  As consumers, we have the right to know what gets put in our food, and just what kind of food we’re eating.  If you agree with me and you’re from the US, click the link to send a message of protest to Congress.

8 Things You Need to Know Before Going Gluten-Free

8 Things You Need to Know Before Going Gluten-Free

Is anyone interested in starting a gluten-free diet?  You might think that all you have to do is stop eating products with gluten in them, right?  Well, apparently that’s not the case.  According to the article at this link, you should think very carefully about your decision and check with your doctor first.

What do you think of this new gluten-free craze?  Is it healthy?  Is it worthwhile?

What Happened When I Made Up A Recipe? Wheat, Flax, and Chia Bread!

Continuing with today’s bread theme, here’s a delicious-sounding bread recipe. Some day when I have enough time, I intend to try it out.

My Foray Into Food Storage

You know how I said that I make my own bread?  Well, I do.  Most of the time.  Last week, it was really crazy, so I picked up some Oroweat at Costco for the boys.  They were quite happy, but did say that they like my bread better for “just eating,” meaning not for sandwiches or toast.  Buying bread for the boys allowed me to freedom to experiment with bread making this week, because I didn’t have to deal with complaints or “the look.”  They have their super, non-nutritious white bread, and I can experiment with super uber healthy whole grain bread.

As much as I love bread, I have some dietary restrictions, so I have to seriously limit how much I eat.  There’s a little more flexibility when I eat a true whole grain bread, so I decided to make some this week.  I pulled out my family cookbook…

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Eating yoga mats?!

Eating yoga mats?!

Here’s a little fun (and gross) fact to start this blog off–a lot of bread companies use the chemical azodicarbonamide (ADA) in their dough.  This chemical is also used in the plastics industry to make foam products like yoga mats and flip-flops.  Click the link for a list of foods with ADA in them.