My Lent Experiment

Before this year, I never thought of becoming a vegetarian.

I made plenty of excuses.  I love the way meat tastes.  I hated the idea of eating tofu all the time.  Why should humans become vegetarians?  After all, we’ve been omnivores since Homo sapiens first evolved in Africa.

That was before I learned just how much environmental damage a society’s high consumption of meat causes.  The habitat destruction underway all over the world to create new pasturage for cattle.  The methane produced by cattle and other ruminants contributing to climate change.  Not to mention the filthy, unsavory conditions under which most of these animals are raised.

So finally, I decided to reduce my own meat consumption.  In fact, I decided to try going entirely without meat.  And what better time to try an experiment of this nature than at Lent, a time when Christians often give up certain foods or drinks as an act of penance?

So far it’s been two weeks.  While I wouldn’t say that going on a meatless diet has made me feel miraculously healthier and more physically fit (as some more over-enthusiastic vegetarians might claim), it hasn’t been a hardship either.  I’ve found some good vegetarian recipes, and they’ve been plenty filling.  Since I’m not a vegan, I’ve still been able to enjoy eggs and cheese.  True, I still get tempted sometimes, such as when I smell bacon, but overall, the vegetarian dinners I’ve been putting together have been so good that I haven’t missed eating meat as much as I expected.

I’ve still got 26 days of the experiment to go, but the results so far are giving me hope.  Now I know that I can be strong enough to change my lifestyle.  Now I know that I really can do something in my personal life to make a difference about the environment.  Now I know that I won’t be clueless about what to do if continued climate change and habitat destruction make meat a luxury in the future.

And I just might become a vegetarian after all.  Time will tell.


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About juliadeniro

I'm a budding food safety scientist who's going to start a Master of Public Health at Ohio State University this fall. I want to be a food safety sanitarian or inspector for a government health department.

2 responses to “My Lent Experiment”

  1. adanelz6 says :

    Good for you! Lent is a perfect time to experience sacrifice and make an ethically and healthful choice. I have many tips/recipes on my blog if you need some inspiration!

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