2014 Food Revolution Summit!

2014 Food Revolution Summit!

Does this sound exciting to you?

I know it does to me.

It’s time to fight a food revolution.  No more antibiotic-resistant bacteria, no more animal cruelty, no more toxic pesticides, no more unlabeled GMOs, no more water pollution from agricultural runoff, no more importing toxic food from China, no more habitat destruction, and no more destruction of small family farms.

After all, if we can’t even provide ourselves and our children with healthy, nontoxic food, what does that say of us as a society?  In fact, what does that say of us as a species?


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About juliadeniro

I'm a budding food safety scientist who's going to start a Master of Public Health at Ohio State University this fall. I want to be a food safety sanitarian or inspector for a government health department.

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