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Zoo Animal Pictures

I love animals, and I love taking pictures of animals.   Since now I have a new camera with a nice zoom feature, I had a great time taking photos at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium last Saturday.  My best pictures are below.2015 African Stork 2015 Cockatoo 2015 Giraffe 5 2015 Orangutan 1 2015 Ostriches 1 2015 Pigeon 2015 Polar Bear 1 2015 Rainbow Lorikeets 4 2015 Tiger 2 2015 Water Monitor

An even longer absence.

Coming back to this blog makes me feel like I’ve come back to an abandoned house after many years.  I’ve been struggling with depression for the whole year, increased by a part-time minimum-wage job that I hated so much I quit after a month.  At least I know now that I hate working in retail.

Whether I’ll have anything more interesting to post remains to be seen.