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Employment Angst

Last Thursday, I got a phone call that shocked and confused me.  The temporary situation with the Data Entry Company (TDEC), which was supposed to last into June, was going to end that Friday, because the New Jersey State Department of Taxation, their client, had just contacted them that afternoon and asked them to let all the NESCO employees go.  Apparently, they didn’t need the temps anymore, because there were no longer enough forms to fill out.

I had to  get used to this idea.  I had gone from a full-work schedule to a no-work schedule, and even though I wasn’t upset, because this time it wasn’t personal, I had to change many of my goals for the summer and plan out things that I could do now that I had no work.  It took some time, but I managed to come up with a tentative schedule and a few goals.  I was going to do more exercise and lose some weight, practice my flute more, and prepare for school this fall, as well as find some new recipes and cook more.  So far so good.

This morning, I got a phone call from NESCO saying that the Data Entry Company wanted me back at work, at least the rest of the week.  They just got a huge influx of forms, which, apparently, the New Jersey State Department of Taxation couldn’t have predicted.  So that means I have to throw out the plans I’ve made and try and get used to a full work schedule again.

You may say I’m being overly sensitive, but I’m extremely angry about how the New Jersey State Department of Taxation is handling the situation.

Because it’s not like they could have predicted how many forms would be available for employees at TDEC to work on and sent TDEC a plan for the temps ahead of time.  It’s not like they could have kept the NESCO employees hired only, say, part time, just in case such an increase of forms would happen and they would have to work full-time again.  It’s not like they could have even given TDEC and NESCO  warning of these changes a week or even two days ahead of time.

No, they have to just let us go, only to hire us back four days later and tell us to come in immediately, with no consideration for possible changes in our schedules, how we were feeling, or how quickly we’d get the latest influx of forms done.  I’m not sure whether this is normal for data entry technicians, seeing as how this is the first time I’ve got a job as one.  I don’t know whether the New Jersey State Department of Taxation really has so little concern for the employees who do its data entry work or if I’m just imagining it.  But I do know that it shows an appalling lack of foresight and really poor planning.

Understand that I’m not blaming NESCO or TDEC for this.  It’s entirely the New Jersey tax department’s fault, and it’s the  people there who handle contacts and form exchanges with TDEC that I’m blaming.  I can only hope they do better next fiscal year.


Views of nature from work.

I work at the Data Entry Company in Worthington.  Although it’s located just off the highway, there are also some nice apartments nearby, with lawns and trees.

TDEC Canada Goose 1

In fact, the lawns are so lush that they’re a paradise for Canada geese.

TDEC Canada Goose 2

It was a rainy day today, so there were quite a few geese around.  They’re considered a pest around Columbus, you have to watch where you step, and sometimes you have to wait while they cross the road.  But if you have a 15-30 minute break, it’s relaxing to just stand and watch them.

TDEC Geranium

There are flowers outside the building, including this orange geranium…

TDEC Flowerpot

…and this pot of flowers.

Sadly, the inside of the building is not nearly as nice as the outside.  The office where I work is all gray carpet, bare white walls, and fluorescent lights.  Thankfully, on nice days, I can go outside on my breaks and get some sun, fresh air, and views of flowers, greenery, and geese.