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Shocking News About Ramen Noodles

I bet at least one of my readers has lived on ramen noodles all through college.  Some of you probably still eat them regularly, as they’re cheap, easy, and filling.  I know I like to cook ramen noodles when I have colds, since they’re hot and the spicy ones clear my sinuses.  But according to researchers at Baylor University, they’re really unhealthy.  The more ramen noodles you eat, the more likely you are to get metabolic syndrome.

The National Institutes of Health define metabolic syndrome as “the name for a group of risk factors that raises your risk for heart disease and other health problems, such as diabetes and stroke. The term “metabolic” refers to the biochemical processes involved in the body’s normal functioning. Risk factors are traits, conditions, or habits that increase your chance of developing a disease.”

Ramen noodles are not only high in calories, saturated fat, and sodium, but they also contain Tertiary-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ), a toxic preservative.  Plus the noodle containers are made with bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical which has been linked to cancer and hormone disruptions.

Check out the Food Revolution Network to learn more:

The Great Fast Food Strike

The Great Fast Food Strike

On May 15, fast-food workers all over the world are fighting for a $15 minimum wage. For everyone who believes fast-food corporations are wrong to keep employee wages down, follow the strike online, or attend any of the fast-food strike events listed below:

Chicago: Rally at Rock’n’Roll McDonald’s (600 N Clark Street) at 6am

St. Louis: Rally at 5850 Elizabeth Avenue at 5pm

Indianapolis: Rally at McDonald’s (1611 N. Meridian St.) at 9am

Milwaukee: Rally at County Courthouse at 11am, 901 N. 9th St.

Kansas City:

6am: Stand With Fast Food Workers Kick-off at 3821 E Truman Rd (Save-A-Lot).
11:30am: Rally at St. Mark’s Church at 3800 Troost Ave.
1:30pm: BBQ, Rally with live music, and then we March!
5pm: Wrap Up Rally at Shawnee Park – 7th St & Osage.

From SEIU Local 1