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Selfish, Scary Trump Supporters

The terrifying truth about Trump supporters.

Why are so many people like this? What is remotely okay about literally tearing the rest of the world down to make yourself feel better?

I’m struggling. I’m anxious and alienated, and I feel like I don’t belong in this world. But I still didn’t vote for Trump. You know why? Because I don’t want the rest of the country or the world to be destroyed. Because unlike the people mentioned in this article, I realize that other people have the right not to suffer. Because I’m not an utterly selfish, heartless monster.

Why is basic human empathy such an alien concept to so many people?

The Great Fast Food Strike

The Great Fast Food Strike

On May 15, fast-food workers all over the world are fighting for a $15 minimum wage. For everyone who believes fast-food corporations are wrong to keep employee wages down, follow the strike online, or attend any of the fast-food strike events listed below:

Chicago: Rally at Rock’n’Roll McDonald’s (600 N Clark Street) at 6am

St. Louis: Rally at 5850 Elizabeth Avenue at 5pm

Indianapolis: Rally at McDonald’s (1611 N. Meridian St.) at 9am

Milwaukee: Rally at County Courthouse at 11am, 901 N. 9th St.

Kansas City:

6am: Stand With Fast Food Workers Kick-off at 3821 E Truman Rd (Save-A-Lot).
11:30am: Rally at St. Mark’s Church at 3800 Troost Ave.
1:30pm: BBQ, Rally with live music, and then we March!
5pm: Wrap Up Rally at Shawnee Park – 7th St & Osage.

From SEIU Local 1

2014 Food Revolution Summit!

2014 Food Revolution Summit!

Does this sound exciting to you?

I know it does to me.

It’s time to fight a food revolution.  No more antibiotic-resistant bacteria, no more animal cruelty, no more toxic pesticides, no more unlabeled GMOs, no more water pollution from agricultural runoff, no more importing toxic food from China, no more habitat destruction, and no more destruction of small family farms.

After all, if we can’t even provide ourselves and our children with healthy, nontoxic food, what does that say of us as a society?  In fact, what does that say of us as a species?

Monsanto Kills Butterflies

Monsanto Kills Butterflies

As if anybody needed more reasons to hate Monsanto.

Check out the article at the link.

Fight for GMO Labeling!

Fight for GMO Labeling!

The Grocery Manufacturers’ Association (GMA) is at it again in their fight against GMO labeling.  Now they’ve written a bill that, if passed by Congress, will prevent state-level GMO labeling.

This is outrageous.  As consumers, we have the right to know what gets put in our food, and just what kind of food we’re eating.  If you agree with me and you’re from the US, click the link to send a message of protest to Congress.