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An amazing discovery

The Science Geek

For those who missed my post on 1 April 2016 here is a re-blog of the amazing discovery of the first intelligent alien life.

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News is just reaching us of the most amazing astronomical discovery which I am ever likely to experience in my lifetime, one which I never thought I would see.  As regular followers of this blog will know, the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute has been searching for evidence of life in the universe by looking for some signature of its technology. Using the most  powerful astronomical equipment humanity has managed to invent, Frank Drake and his associates have been hunting the universe for alien life forms for well over fifty years.

Astronomers are now thrilled to announce the presence of not only life, but intelligent life, on a hollow planet far, far away.  Pictures just arriving back at Earth from Voyager 2 have stunned scientists…

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Hot Chocolate Ice Cream

A delicious sounding desert recipe!

Andrea Monet Fitness

This is SO easy. 2 ingredients (3 if you count the strawberry).


vanilla ice cream

Powdered hot chocolate mix

  • Scoop of your favorite natural vanilla ice cream (no corn syrup!)
  • Spoonful of your favorite powder hot chocolate mix
  • Stir until soft
  • Top with fresh berry(optional)

It’s a bit reminiscent of a Frosty from Wendy’s, but without all the chemical additives. A cheat dessert you can feel good about.

I love cheat meals!

Let me know if you want a made from scratch version. Just comment below.

Yours in health and fitness, and cheat meals too..


From skinny jeans to “Are you pregnant?” in under 24 hours.

The best Ever (Copycat Disneyland) Chimichurri Sauce. Go ahead, lick the bowl.

Oatmeal Bliss Bowl

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